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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 14, 2012

Hey ma,

It was great to see you guys. I think Jenni is a perfect fit for our family. I'm glad Harrison found her. They look so happy together. I didn't mind the kissing haha I figured he deserved it. =D I was just giving them a hard time. I loved how Dad kept putting them in time out. hahaha!
Yeah, I don't have much to report this week. I honestly didn't spend much time in Uniontown and I won't spend much time here this week. I'll be in Pittsburgh with Elder Deaton (one of my good friends from when I was in Punxsy!) my zone leader. Elder Jamieson and I had a blast wednesday and thursday and we had a great lesson on friday in leadership training meeting. The Assistants taught about repenting ourselves if we expect our investigators to repent and also letting them know that when they break a commandment, they are sinning and should feel bad about it. haha we are not likely to feel bad unless we understand the consequences of our actions.

During the lesson Elder Kofford and I got some pretty direct revelation for Tim and Jamie. We went right to their house after we got home from Pittsburgh and had a lesson about the Law of Chastity. We asked to speak with them, just us and them, and they agreed so there were no distractions with the kids. We were able to explain just how significant keeping that commandment is. We poured out honest, heartfelt love, and asked them to repent. They agreed, and they also made plans and committed to come to church. They were crying and they hugged us and we hugged them and it was great. They already knew that Satan was attacking their family, and it was just what they needed to hear - a solution for a problem they didn't know how to fix. It's great to see the Lord working in their lives. They didn't end up coming to church yesterday - one of their kids had a seizure - but they are coming next week and they called to give us a heads up, which they normally don't do when they don't come. We also made plans to go help Tim build a deck this Saturday.
We had a lesson with Penny on Friday. It was great. She's just doing so well in the gospel and she said the prayer in Gospel Principles class. I taught the lesson on agency. It was good. I got a lot out of it.

I love you,

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