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Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey ma,

So there was A memory card in the envelope. Not THE memory card... did
you send 2? The memory card I have just had 10 pictures on it of you
and dad in new york for choir tour. Let me know... because if you sent
two, I definitely threw the other one away. haha. But I don't think so
because there wasn't anything else in the envelope.

I'm going to tell you about my week and save the big news for last.

Alrighty, so Monday night we met with the Kellers. It was a lot of
fun. Andrew Cross went with us. He is our ward mission leader and he
is great! Sister Keller loves our visits and it was a lot of fun.
She's recovering well and has been walking. Even though her accident
was bad, it was a blessing in disguise because the surgery she was
able to have corrected a birth defect with her feet, so she is happy
to be able to walk normally for the first time in her life. It's
beautiful to see.

After that we met with a lady named Fran. She is such a wonderful
person. We taught her and her husband Ryan. Right when she got there
she said, "So, answer me this. Why the Book of Mormon? Why isn't the
bible enough? What is that book and why is it so important?" We taught
her the Restoration and she found it interesting, though she said,
"You know, I have a bible, and I don't need anymore Bible." Straight
up. haha. But she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and said she
would read from it. She also invited us back over for dinner, so it
was a success.

We got a call from Robin early in the week. When I answered the phone,
she said "So, elders, I've been thinking..." My first thought was "Uh
oh." Whenever I've heard that I've either gotten super good news: "I
WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!" or super bad news: "I want you to stop coming
over." So my heart was filled with dread. But she said this.
"Transfers are this week. I wasn't planning on meeting with you
because I'm going out of town on Friday morning and have to pack, but
I want both of you boys to come over one more time just in case one of
you gets transferred. I need pictures so I can show my son!" We didn't
think that either of us were going to get transferred, but we agreed.
Turned out she was following the Spirit, because I'm getting
transferred! haha. But we had a great lesson with her on Thursday and
she agreed to read to 1st Nephi chapter 8! She started tearing up and
said, "Elders, thank you for coming into my life. This has given me an
opportunity to understand what it is my son is doing in California,
and I am so proud of him. Thank you." It was awesome. I will miss her

Tuesday morning we went on exchange with the Somerset Elders. I was
really excited! I exchanged with Elder Done. He came to Altoona. Turns
out he had the stomach flu... his bowels were full of charity for ALL
MEN. Every single one. Ever. We stayed inside all day because he was
sick. We went out for 30 minutes at night and talked to this old guy
named Ray. He just told us about the time he fell out of a plane in
WWII on a stretcher but was rescued by some Germans and politely
allowed into Berlin before the US army got there. Yeah... pretty sure
that never happened... anyway, right after that, Elder Done said,
"Ohhh no..... Elder. How far away is the apartment?" I said, "About 15
minutes." He said, "You better make it 10!" and ran to the car.
hahaha. Yup. Not a very productive day. But it was fun to get to know
him. He just finished his first transfer in the field. He's a good

Wednesday was fantastic. I got to go to district meeting with the
Somerset District. Elder Jamieson was there. We had a great lesson on
Virtue as a power and the foundation for all other Christlike
attributes. It was fantastic. I learned a lot. Also, Elder Jamieson
had a really great experience together. He was kind of going through a
hard time and I was feeling overwhelmed with my responsibilities as a
Zone Leader. He asked for an interview just so he could talk some
things out. We had a great talk and then were able to give each other
blessings. It was great. After the meetings were all over we went out
to a chinese buffet as a district and had a great time.

We had a long drive home. Elder Harrison and I stopped at Duncan
Donuts and got some dinner and then went out and worked. Then we got
caught in a rainstorm. We worked through it, but nobody would answer
the door. So we were in the rain in Duncansville for an hour.
Eventually we met this way cool guy named Dan. He was a mason, and he
had read the Book of Mormon and new a lot about us. He was also good
friends with some members of our ward who are also masons. he was
really interested. We had a great time getting to know him and his
wife. He invited us back.

Then we taught a very wet scripture class. Rebecca and Dave were
there. We read Ether 12 and it was really fun.

Thursday morning we had district meeting in Bedford for our own
district. It was quite good. Some repair guys were painting the church
and listening to Katy Perry while doing so. I was feeling very
conflicted inside.... normally you don't hear "I Kissed A Girl"
blasting in a Mormon Chapel. The Port family had us over for a lesson
and it was a lot of fun. I love their family and will miss them very

Friday we planned, taught Bud a lesson (he's soo funny!), and then
taught Rebecca a lesson with David. She is super excited for her
baptism on the 25th. I'm really bummed I'm going to miss it. But she
promised to take lots of pictures.

The Cook family had us over for dinner on Friday. I said goodbye to
their grandson Jacob. He was just spending part of the summer with
them. He arrived my first week and left my last week, so Elder
Harrison is convinced that I was here just for him. Apparently he
needed some good role models, and he got them. We spent a lot of time
with him and became really good friends (he's Jonny's age.) I guess we
had a pretty good influence on him and he was really sad that he
couldn't spend time with us anymore. He's such a good kid. Really

Saturday I scrubbed a bathroom floor for Sister Bruton for 4 hours.
She is from South Africa and has what sounds like a British Accent.
"My dear, you must be very meticulous about awl this. Work hahd, o you
will naht be prahd of yo efforts." haha. She made me work! She has
health problems, so Elder Harrison, me, and the Neuders helped her
around the house. I found out Saturday I would be transferred. I was
crushed because I wasn't expecting it. But after the Durgins fed us
dinner I got a call from President saying I would be the new AP. So I
am moving to Pittsburgh to spend the next 7 1/2 months with President.
And with Elder Gerrat! It's funny how things have come full circle...
this transfer I served with Elder Harrison. Next transfer with Elder
Gerrat. Us 3 are the ones that came out together and taught that
family on the plane. We are all really happy and excited.

It has been such a blessing serving here, even for a short time. So
many miracles. Elder Harrison prayed me here by the way, which is
incredible in and of itself.

Sunday was bittersweet, because no one in the ward really knew me
except for the Stombaughs. We spent some time at a bible study with
the Altoona Bible Church. It was a lot of fun. The people there are
really nice and they are softening hearts towards missionaries. It has
been a good experience learning with them.

Well, I don't know my new address. Just send mail to the mission
office. I'll probably be able to get it there.

Love you!

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