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Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Dear mom,

I'll keep it short this week since I'll be talking to you tomorrow. I did get your package. I'm excited to open up the presents! It'll be great. This last week was really rough. We had 3 exchanges where missionaries came into our area (I got to spend a whole day with Elder Kartchner!) and everything fell through. So we spent pretty much this whole week tracting and very few people let us in or even talked to us. It was ironic that as missionaries were going around sharing a message about Jesus Christ and His birth, they rejected the message because they were busy getting ready for Christmas. Every time we got rejected the only thing I could think about was, "And there was no room for him in the inn..." Please keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas! It was great. Every time Elder Bartlett got sad or discouraged, he'd open up a Christmas present early to make himself feel better. =D

I love Grandma and Grandpa Doty! I hope they got my Christmas card. Did you get my Christmas card?

I'll be calling probably around noon or 12:30 tomorrow. We are going caroling with the ward at an old folk's home tomorrow for an hour or so. 

The Tophams just opened their card. President said, "Elder Collier, I think your parents want us to take you out to eat at Red Robin. They sent us a gift card!" haha! Too funny.

Well, I guess I'll tell you about my week and my life and stuff tomorrow. Hopefully we can skype... I'll have to figure things out in order to make that work. I'll have to use my journal to record things for posterity this week... haha. Not excited about writing it by hand. =D

I love you guys. Talk to you tomorrow.


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